Unable to reach my local devices

Also those connected wirelessly?

not all are connected wirelessly. But to reassure I have just hooked up another Laptop to my WIFI (took me a while). This one runs WIN10 as well and definitely connects seamlessly to my Fritzbox

That would be an indicator it is an issue with that particular notebook then. Can you connect via cable and check if you still experience the same issue?

Ok. No routing issue. Try the incognito mode please
Firefox CTRL + Shift + P
Chrome CTRL + Shift + N
Edge: No Idea :sweat_smile:

sorry, this new one has no conneting plug for LAN

Private browsing mode then next, as @MarkMeyer already suggested :man_shrugging:t2:

FFx incognito results in that same ugly Error 1003

Have you tried a different browser? Can you post a screenshot of your Firefox proxy settings?

find my settings in Firefox

Try to switch this to “No proxy”.

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Magic :open_mouth: now I can reach my fritzbox as desired
and also internet works fine

But I still don’t understand why - none of my other PCs uses “No proxy”


Check out your system proxy settings. They might differ from the other machines.

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