Unable to Reach Cloudflare to remove clientHold


We’re currently facing an issue with a clientHold status on our domain, metapopulation.org. While Cloudflare is our registrar, our attempts to contact their support have been unfruitful. Every time we reach out, we’re informed that our concern has been passed to the security team. However, despite assurances, no one has gotten back to us (note: we’re on the free tier and have raised multiple support tickets).

This issue has now left our email service down for nearly a week, and the lack of response is increasingly frustrating.

Could you advise on alternative ways to reach Cloudflare or do we just await their response? For reference, our past experiences with registrars like GoDaddy and Hostinger have been straightforward in resolving such issues.


Have you been making support tickets or registrar tickets?

If the reason for your domain is being handled by the security team, then you might have received an email from [email protected]. However, if it is being handled by the security/abuse team, then you can only wait for their response.

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