Unable to purchase domain. Website states I do no have permission

Unfortunately, I am finding myself in a situation where unable to purchase a domain. Whenever I attempt to do so it loads the page

"Insufficient permissions

Contact your account administrator for access to Cloudflare Registrar"

I have already cleared my cache, but worth mentioning I do have adblock built into my DNS.

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Im having same problem since today!

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Even when im super admin of account

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Bump. Same issue here. Looking to buy a domain. Getting no permission error.

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I had the same issue. It was solved when I went into my account tab and verified my email.


Same thing is happening to me and I am the only account holder

Same thing is happening to me, but cant renew.

I suspect these issues are all related to Billing issues relating to subscription adjustments. Questions about account access issues will need to be resolved by the Customer Support team and cannot be resolved on the Community.

I took steps that may correct this for everyone that posted on this topic. If you can try again in incognito mode and let me know if it works as expected. If not, we’ll need to get Support to help on a ticket. You can open an Account ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support

@cyborgclone I was unable to take that action on your account and you’ll definitely need Support to assist you on a ticket.

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