Unable to post a comment with attachment

I disabled Cloudflare by disabling the proxy, after this the issue is gone. It can not be an origin problem in my opinion since many people have the same issue since a month.

I was finally able to do some thorough testing.

  1. When I disable the Cloudflare proxy on my site, I am able to upload files, even big ones.
  2. When I enable Cloudflare, I can upload small files, but not large ones. 50kB is ok but 100kB is rejected.
    I have added this information to my ticket. Now waiting to see what Cloudflare support has to say.
    Can someone confirm that they also see this behaviour?
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Thanks a lot for taking the time to gather this information!

This blockage of image uploads is a serious issue that probably affects many, if not all, WordPress installs, so I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

@frank5 I had exact the same behaviour.

It’s been two weeks now. I’d be curious to know if the CloudFlare team has been able to pinpoint the issue following your request #1741534?

They asked me for more information, so I assume they are working on it.

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Hello, everyone.

Would love to get an update about this issue as well.
From what I see it looks like a few upload-plugins are no longer supported by their developers. For now we are planning to de-activate the current upload-plugin just to solve the issue.

But in the long run we will of course need a new solution for comment uploads or advice users to only share links to their social profiles.

Thanks for your update. Please make sure to keep us posted :wink:

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