Unable to Ping a Cloudflare IP

Hello i am having issues connecting to a site under CF when i ping the site it gives the ip and just times out this is the ip it gives:

here is an MTR:
https://pastebin.com/jEJC71jm and a ping that i did a few days ago

i have spoken to the site admins and thay say theres no blocks there side and i spoke to my host providers and thay say is not there side is this a thing that can be looked at?

My Server IP:

Pinging my own site under CF works:

What happens when you try to connect to your site with a web browser?

its a Server
but if i curl there site it gives after a while:
“curl: (7) Failed to connect to api.scpslgame.com port 443: Connection timed out”
but if i do mine it dose i get the html of my site

Ok have installed a desktop env this is what i get: https://ss1.manmaed.net/1589028942.png and even trying to use an ip (thats CFs IP) i dont get a 1003 i just get a blank page

The image you posted isn’t a Cloudflare error page, so that connection wasn’t going through Cloudflare.

It looks like it’s working, though:

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