Unable to payment from all types of card and paypal

I am unable to make a payment with my credit card / paypal. It was working fine in the previous months.

Since the amount was not debited automatically, I tried to make payment from my dashboard as suggested by Cloudflare, but it shows an error every time. Contact your bank for assistance. An error occurred while collecting payment. (Code: 1211)

I have tried other cards but none is working. All my cards are working fine and I contacted the bank and they told me there is no issue with my cards.

I have created a ticket but got no response from support.

I see your ticket 2854892 and the team will communicate with you on that ticket.

I see the autoreply from 11 hours ago indicating it typically takes the billing team around 24 hours to respond during Monday-Friday

I see the agent on your ticket replied last night, let them know on the ticket f you need anything further.

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