Unable to Pay

I have set up rate limiting across multiple accounts that I look after - these are mostly wordpress sites, so I have enabled rate limiting on the wp-login.php URL

After one month I got an invoice for $0.15c

I log in to CF and it will not let me pay. I even re-added my credit card. but it says “Payment method could not be found (Code: 1299)”

I tried to increase the amount thinking perhaps my credit card doesn’t like 0.15c - but CF says "minimum payment $5.00 - so then I enter $5.00 and then it says Maximum payment $0.15


I am running around in circles trying to pay a bill for 15cents.

Please can someone sort it for me? I sent a support email also ticket ID 2127165

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Thank you for letting us know, I see your ticket and added myself to it. I have not seen that issue before but will keep an eye on progress on the ticket. I am sorry for the issues and back-n-forth error messages. Ugh.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Now I am getting automated emails telling me my card is not valid - which is not true if it were, I’d be in the poo. wow - so much work for 15 cents;-) The Robots are severely underpaid - Philip K Dick would be turning in his electric sheep grave. I guess there will come a time when even automated systems have a union rep :rofl:

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Hi @Curious92761,
We are working on a process to suppress invoices until they hit the $0.50 threshold set by our payment processor. Unfortunately I do not have an exact time frame I can share at this time.

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