Unable to pay with PayPal

I’ve submitted a ticket about this issue. In doing a search here, others have experienced and are experiencing this issue and this should be rectified.

First, I’m unable to make a manual payment with PayPal. When opening a PDF invoice and clicking “Pay online”, it directs to a Stripe payment gateway without PayPal as an option. There’s no apparent way of paying with PayPal – which used to be the case right on the invoice page – anymore.

Second, automatic payments with PayPal aren’t working. I’ve removed my account and re-added it, nothing. I just noticed this now and my account is actually past due without my noticing (also, one of the payments that did go through via PayPal and wasn’t credited to my account – this was for March).

How do I make a payment with PayPal? My ticket number is 3269757. I’m past due, apparently, and this is urgent as I do not want to experience a service interruption.

Here is an attachment of the payment page so you can see what I mean. Where’s PayPal?

Thank you for sharing the ticket number with us. The ticket has been escalated.

Thank you.

For anyone else having trouble with this – I was told by a billing specialist that PayPal is no longer supported for manual payments on past invoices. Supposedly it can still be used for automatic payments (though mine wasn’t charged for May.)

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