Unable to order Bulk Redirect Rules

Lets say we have a couple of redirect lists that match against foo.com.

The “first” list has a rule that 301 redirects foo.com/* to bar.com/* (subpath is matched + preserved)
The “second” list has a rule that 301 redirects foo.com/bar to bar.com/baz (bar is transformed to baz at new domain).

Rule A enables the “first” list, and Rule B enables the “second” list.

According to the Bulk Redirect FAQ (https://developers.cloudflare.com/rules/url-forwarding/bulk-redirects/faq/#what-happens-if-the-same-source-url-appears-in-two-different-bulk-redirect-lists), the list rule that matches

will be determined by the order of the Bulk Redirect Rules enabling each Bulk Redirect List in the http_request_redirect phase entry point ruleset.

however there is no way to set the order of Bulk Redirect Rules? For instance, I would like Rule B (that does the transform) to take precedence over Rule A (that does the generic redirect).

Is there a mechanism for setting priority of Bulk Redirect enablement Rules?

Hi there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Sorry about the mismatch between documentation and the dashboard.

It looks like the Bulk Redirect Rules list is missing a sorting mechanism. I have opened an internal ticket to investigate this issue and will update this thread with the results.


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