Unable to open website after using proxy

In Cloudflare, when a website parsing agent is enabled, the website will respond with a timeout and cannot be opened

This situation is likely to occur after mid March

但是在Windows命令提示符里,Ping此地址仍会返回Cloudflare IP
However, in the Windows CMD, ping this address will still return Cloudflare IP

If this is a bug, I hope Cloudflare officials can fix it as soon as possible

Actually, I discovered the blocking issue in early March, and Cloudflare was powerless. Domains without an ICP license will have their connections reset or display a blocking page, and some Cloudflare IP ranges are directly blocked. You may need other methods to solve this problem.

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We would kindly request you to open a ticket regarding this issue for further information.
If you have done, kindly DM the ticket number

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How to solve this problem? Cloud you help me?

Ticket? How to do it specifically? I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean a little.

Kindly review this document to submit a support ticket

Thank you