Unable to open a support ticket

I’m trying to open a support ticket related to the account (unrelated to any domain), but I’m not even able to do that because the Next button is grayed out no matter what I try and it tells me to “Please select the domain(s) you’re inquiring about.” even though “My issue is not domain related” is checked by default and there are no domains in the list…

You can always open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com


Hi @iagucool I see your ticket with Support and looked into the issues with accessing from the other account. It appears the other email you want to use was previously used and removed from cloudflare. When the email address / account is deleted you need to wait a year to reuse the email address. Sorry for the issues. For more information see Deleting a Cloudflare account.

Thanks for looking into it. Probably the case, can’t even remember when that was.
A year seems like an overkill, to be honest. How do I even know when a year has passed?

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Great question. Unfortunately there is no audit log for a deleted account. Based on what I can see it will be after 3/19/22 and before 9/21/22. I apologize I cannot identify it more precisely.

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Why is this not mentioned on the page? Cloudflare should mention it on the support page if that’s the case.

Yeah, didn’t know about this email either. Still, that doesn’t quite answer the question why the support ticket submission dialog is so broken.

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