Unable to move domain between cloudflare account

I already have my domain assigned to an Cloudflare account. And now I want to move to a new one.
Followed this instructions, but it seems that the new NS server are still pointing to the old account.

On the new account the new servers are:

But doing a simple nslookup query over these servers the NS records returned are still the old (associated with the old account).

As my registar only allows for adding one server (the primary and secondary are retrieved from this server), even if I point it to the CASS or JIM it always resolves as ADRIAN or NEIL.
As such the domain keeps in pending state.

Am I doing missing something or doing something wrong?

The nameservers have not been changed at your registrar. They need to be updated before the change can take effect.

running “whois your.domain” returns two nameservers from your registrar (and neither of them are the new ones). You may want to review their instructions for how to change nameservers.

Thank you for the quick reply.
As I tried to explain, my registrar only asks for a server name, from where it automatically retrieves the NS names.

And even if I point them to the new Cloudflare NS mentioned servers, it returns the old ones. As such Cloudflare doesn’t validate the zone on the new account.

That’s quite the uh… system they have. I think you’ll have to remove the domain from your old account then.


I don’t think you need to delete the entire account (in the second link) just the domain.

I continue to have issues with Cloudflare.
Already deleted the zone on the previous account. But after one week, I still don’t see any change on the NS records.
NS records continue to point to adrian and neil servers, and the new account is still waiting for cass and jim.

As a last resort I moved the domain to another DNS provider, just see if it helps. But no joy.

I really would like to continue to use Cloudflare.
Any suggestions?

Hmmm yep you’re absolutely right. I see the same thing when I check I would recommend opening a ticket with support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. The registrar is probably checking using somethign similar to digyourdomain ns @cass.ns.Cloudflare.com and we’re still returning the old values. Support should be able to escalate internally to the right team to address.