Unable to manage site after flexible SSL




I have a Wordpress site protected by Cloudflare.
In order to secure it I have change the site SSL setting from FULL to Flexible and
installed on the WP site the Cloudflare Plugin.
It looked ok and I surfaced to https://mysite but the site was not fully secured (according to Chrome) and in IE I had on some pages a mixed content alert. Some pictures were no displayed.
When I tried to access the wp-admin page I was unable to login (mixed content).
I wanted to disable the Cloudflare plugin and check why some of the pictures were not displayed.

I have tried to returned the setting in Cloudflare to those before but I was unable to access the site.

I have also tied to go back to setting that partly worked - and this did not work at all.

I have flushed the web site chace in Cloudflare and also my IE cache.

At this point my site is not working at all.
Please help me to return to working website.



My site up & working again.

I still have 2 problems:

a. I cannot access my Wordpress admin site.
b. I still have mixed content issue that results that mysite is not secured.

Can anyone point me to the correct solution?




Here are some tips that should be helpful.


Without plugin you can check why ur site not workin ssl on this website - https://www.whynopadlock.com/ after check that u found css family error in ur wp theme Insecure URL: http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300,400,400italic,700
Found in: https://shareimage.in/wp-content/themes/yourtheme/style.css?ver=4.8.1
Insecure URL: http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:800

After that go to your theme editor and click on stylesheet(style.css) find the Insecure URL url and replace http to https after that your website worked.


I am having the same two issues and the tutorials linked above either don’t address these problems, or they do so in language that is too technical to understand. I just need to know how to login to wp-admin after upgrading my site to HTTPS!

I thought the purpose of the Cloudflare SSL was to allow users to upgrade to https painlessly and for free. Now, we’re being advised that we need to buy something called Page Rules? I’m confused. Is everyone who uses Cloudflare having to buy Page Rules to make their site run correctly?

In any event, here again are the two issues:

  1. I cannot login to wp-admin after upgrading to https.

  2. The images on my site are broken after upgrade to https and I get the “mixed content” warning.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @scoots2000 - Free accounts come with 3 page rules, so depending on your usage you may not need to buy any. If you do, you can get more for $5/month (for 5 more).

Beyond that, I would recommend creating a new topic with specific details for your issue, and/or submitting a ticket to support[at]cloudflare.com.