Unable to manage domain name after successful payment

Some background: My client requested a secondary domain name for their website, mynewdomain. com*. The main domain name (myolddomain. com) is already pointed towards (but not registered under) Cloudflare. I figured that I’d save some time and money by registering mynewdomain. com directly from the Cloudflare dashboard [https://dash.cloudflare.com/[id]/domains/register].

Unfortunately, even though my payment went through, the domain name is not listed under the ‘Manage Domains’ page. A new site was created for me in Dash, but the status is ‘Pending Nameserver Update’. A whois check states that the new domain is still unregistered.

Furthermore, I did not receive any invoice from Cloudflare concerning the payment for the new domain. However, my audit log does show ‘Domain Registration Success’ at 2020-07-17T15:14:45+08:00.

N/B: It has been more than 24 hours since my purchase and the submission of my support ticket (#1925831). As for now, I’ve not heard back yet from any support staff. Hopefully someone here is able to assist me. :slight_smile:

*I’m redacting my actual domain name from this post as it is still unregistered. It is stated clearly in my support ticket.

I was not aware that Cloudflare has stepped up their Registrar service to include new domain registrations, rather than just transfers.

Can you show some sort of screenshot of a status for that domain registration? It’s ok to black out the actual domain name.

This is the audit log for the domain registration:

This is the registration success log:

Ok, then. It looks like Cloudflare has opened new domain registration to everybody.

And you posted a ticket #. Maybe @cloonan can take a look. I’ve done two new registrations here (not transfers) and they went through immediately and the zone became active.

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Thanks for the clarification @sdayman . It’s just my bad luck then :(.

I guess I’ll need to wait for Cloudflare technical support to get back to me. Do you know an average ETA for that, as it is almost 4 days and my client is getting impatient.

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I’m pretty sure Cloonan is watching the ticket and will push it along. He will probably post here when he gets an update from Support.

So it has been more than 10 days. I received a reply 6 days ago by a support engineer acknowledging the problem, then radio silence.

Is it supposed to take so long? I believe it should be an easy fix for someone with Cloudflare admin tools.

It is day 16 since my support ticket submission and besides an acknowledgement by a support engineer 12 days ago, my ticket appears abandoned.

I’m wondering is there any other channel for me to request a refund?

I admire the work Cloudflare is doing for the internet as a whole, and I totally understand the support hierarchy where customers who payed more have faster response time. It is the lack of communication from Cloudflare that brings me to this.

I also work in support, and when we are unable to solve a customer’s problem instantly, we will give a reasonable time frame and a worse case scenario (something like: You can expect an update from us in 3 days. Your issue might take at most 7 days to resolve). I understand that with Covid, this is a busy period for the support engineers. But, with no communication at all, I don’t know if my ticket is still in the works or abandoned. And with my client (understandably) breathing down my neck inquiring about his new domain name, I am unable to provide reassurance and a time estimate when he can use the new domain name.

Just my two cents.

Hi @yewzhiyong,

If you go to support.cloudflare.com and hit ‘Sign In’ in the top right, you can then go to ‘My Requests’ and you should see all your tickets there. It will show the status of the ticket (open/resolved/awaiting information/on hold etc.) and also a last activity time showing when something last changed. This may help you determine what is going on.

The ticket status is ‘open’, with last activity two days ago by me requesting a refund. :slight_smile: