Unable to manage DNS. No "Edit" button on page

When I click on he DNS tab, there is no option available to edit or manage m DNS even though all the information is correct.

Can you post a screenshot of that screen? It’s ok to black out IP addresses.

Have you tried a different browser, or different device?

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I don’t have another device to try.

But may I ask could you Edit them before? I cannot replicate this.

NO. I have never been able to edit them

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Thank you for feedback information.

May I also ask if you could know the answer, have you added your domain name manually to this Cloudflare Account (yours?), or rather you were added as a “member” or a person who can, obviously, manage few things, but not all of them? (Was your domain name added to Cloudflare by someone else maybe?)

How did you manage to get your domain name to Cloudflare service?

I added my domain by myself

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