Unable to make payments with anycard

Getting error:
Contact your bank for assistance. An error occurred while collecting payment. (Code: 1211)

That1211 suggests there’s a problem with your bank authorizing the payment. The first step would be to contact your bank for assistance as indicated in the error message. If the issue persists even after that, you should send a support ticket to the Cloudflare billing team. Unfortunately, the community cannot help with specific billing issues. You can submit a ticket via this link: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support. Please share your ticket number here so that we can flag it for the team.

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@cloonan hey I am facing the same issue with automated payments not supported by Indian banks My ticket id is: 3039399, can you please contact the team and resolve the issue. or assist me with it somehow.

The Billing team will need to assist on that ticket, I will flag it for them. Given RBI regulations, best side-step is paypal attached to a bank account

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Hi there-

I can confirm your payment was made and the ticket was replied to. Have a wonderful week :slight_smile:

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