Unable to logout of Woocommerce


I am having issues with Woocommerce on Wordpress.

I am wondering if it is related to Cloudflare.

Problems such as:

Unable to logout of Woo account.
Unable to clear cart.
Unable to change Woo password.

website is http://www.swingtradepros.com

Any help would be appreciatesd.


I can confirm that I can’t X Delete an item from the cart, but I don’t see any indicators that Cloudflare is caching anything that would cause this. It could be Rocket Loader. Try disabling that in Speed -> Optimization in the Cloudflare dashboard.

that didn’t help.

Then it’s probably unrelated to Cloudflare. Try using the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview page, then wait five minutes before testing your site.

Setting the quantity to zero in the cart and then updating successfully removes the item.

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