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I’m the webmaster of the site www.globalist.it.
I’m writing from my personal account because I’m unable to access the other account.
Two days ago I’ve switched to PRO account but, since then, when I try to log in a message says I’m connecting from an unknown IP address.
I’m supposed to receive an authentication token on the e-mail associated to the account, but I didn’t received any message since then.
We are receiving heavvy (for us) traffic and I need urgently to modify the configuration of the DNS to add another server to out network, but i can’t do that because I’m logged off.
I’ve opened a ticket from my personal account (#1855029), but I didn’t received any answer.
I urgently need some help.
Thank you,

Log in to Cloudflare, is that right?

When you switched to the Pro account, did you just upgrade the plan for that one domain or did you move the domain to a whole new Cloudflare account?

Are you sure the email address associated with the account is correct? Did you try to reset your password at https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-password?

Ciao, Sandro.
I just upgraded my account and yes: I’ve tried to reset my password, but - as you said - the e-mail associated with my account can be an old address on a domain that’s expired last month.
That’s why I’m trying to contact Cloudflare support.

I am afraid only support can help in this case. The community here cant.

Did you get a ticket number issued? Post it here so @cloonan can track it. Also, do respond to any automated replies, otherwise the ticket might get closed.

I know only support can help me, I’m trying everyting I can do to obtain an answer.
How should I post the ticket? only the number or the link?
And where?
Thank you,

I understand, I was just trying to clarify that the community wont be able to do much.

As for the ticket, just the number.

Yes, I know, but maybe some people of Cloudflare are reading the messages we write. :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, I’ve got an answer from Facebook.
Thank you again.

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