Unable to login to the CF Developer Apps Portal

Trying to log in takes me to 404, how can I upload an app and submit for review?

Thanks for standing by @nishantarora.

This feature is designed as a playground so that unauthenticated users can upload apps - but to actually submit them, they must be authenticated and the authentication flow does seem to have broken at some point recently. It looks like it redirects to Cloudflare Dashboard, which used to redirect back, but now gets stuck there.

Our engineering team is looking into fixing this now but an easy workaround in the meantime is:

  1. Visit the apps tab in dash.cloudflare.com
  2. Find your CloudflareAppsToken in LocalStorage and copy it to the clipboard.
  3. Visit Cloudflare Apps and add the CloudflareAppsToken that you copied from local storage.
  4. Refresh the page

Here’s a video demonstration:

Thanks @dpolaske that worked!

@dpolaske would you happen to know how much time does an approval take? I submitted a simple app for approval, the dashboard says Awaiting Approval while the app says Unsubmitted. I’ve not heard back from anyone in days.