Unable to login to submit a support ticket


For whatever reason, I have found myself totally unable to login to Cloudflare’s support site.

Whenever logging in, I hit “Sign in” on the support site, then get redirected to dash.cloudflare.com/login
Once there, I login as normal and just get sent straight back to dash.cloudflare.com, with no errors or anything (incorrect password/2fa returns an error as expected)

Logging in normally works fine too, Just for the support site.

Wondering if there is anything up with the site?

Hi @user485, I’ll take a look at your account, but no other reported issues. Will keep an eye out. In the meantime, please email support AT Cloudflare DOT com from the email associated with your account, tell them the domain and the issue. Sorry for the trouble.

I’ll pop an email over, thanks.

I’m already logged in here, so it already opened the Dashboard for me. When I go to Support and click Sign In, it spins for a bit, then I’m still on Support, but now logged in.

Have you tried clearing your browser or trying a different browser?

Does this mean you’re getting an error when logging in?

Tried another browser to no success, If I specifically login with incorrect details, It gives me an error but if I login with the correct details, It’ll either just refresh the page back to dash.cloudflare.com/login or will send me to the dashboard, but not return back here signed in.

Once returning me either to the dashboard, or back to the login screen I’m still not signed in on here & hitting “Sign in” on here sends me to dash.cloudflare.com/login, rather than spinning for a bit (I am logged into the dashboard @ dash.cloudflare.com)

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