Unable to login to my account

I am unable to login into my account(not this account). After I enter my username and password it opens this URL “https://dash.cloudflare.com/two-factor” and asks for two-factor authentication, which I didn’t enable to my knowledge. This message displays on the side " Secure your account
Keep your recovery codes in a safe location. If you don’t have recovery codes yet, you will receive them sometime within the next few weeks." I’m sure I did not use any apps or received any codes. Please help me to access my account.

Hi @drazital,

If you never enabled 2FA, then you should be receiving a code by email rather than being asked for an authentication app code. If 2FA has been enabled and you cannot get the code, you will need to email [email protected] from the email address on the account you are trying to gain access to, with the information here:

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Thanks. I’ll try that.

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