Unable to login to MS email via GoDaddy

I had a message via MS that said it was unable to logout my email correctly. I went to GoDaddy to re login and was met with this message

eat-ezy.com.au is missing an SPF record, which may prevent you from sending email. You need to add v=spf1 include:secureserver.net -all as a TXT record to your DNS.

I went to the DNS section but was unable to do anything. Any solutions in a language that is not too technical please.

Was there an error message?

From what you shared, it sounds like to need to go to the DNS app of the dash https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns and add a the TXT record


Thanks for that. I went to the link but it had nothing there to add.

The only error message was that text to add

I found the area that the link pointed. Which part do I enter that TXT

I found a drop down with A, AAAA etc and TXT. Do I add that in the comments section. The part where it says Name use @for root, is that where I enter my web site?