Unable to login to Admin PHP dashboard and User PHP Dashboard

Since about a week ago I have been unable to login into Admin Dashboard,
It shows no error but then the page is not loaded
Users have been unable to login to the php dashboard for also a week now.
The Use login end in error : Error! Password In-correct

The Rules is as follows

Always Online: Off, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Apps, Disable Performance

I have switched to Cloudflare to test mode yet the problem still persist and the longer the problem
persist the more users I lose. Your help is highly appreciated.
Thank You

Thanks Sandro ;
Until about a week ago my site was working alright and this is the first time I have
experienced this login problem. I don’t know whether it will help but just to let you
know that there isn’t any problem logging into https://myjapanaddress.com/wp-admin
It is only with the PHP dashboard https://myjapanaddress.com/mydashboard/
that there is this problem.
Kind Regards

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