Unable to login to account due to domain suspension (expired)

I have a ticket open (2528878), but haven’t received a response in two days.

A friend of mine has her two domains under a free plan using Cloudflare as registrar and DNS. She apparently missed the billing emails for auto-renewals not working. Her domain is now suspended which removed all of her DNS. I told her no big deal, login, update billing and renew the domain. She doesn’t remember her password. She tried the forgot password, but since Cloudflare has removed her DNS, her MX records don’t exist which prevents the password reset emails getting to Office 365.

The one response I got two days ago was telling me to contact the email provider to fix the email issue. The support person obviously does realize that Office 365 has nothing to do with MX records, the DNS provider handles that (Cloudflare). It has been almost a week now that her company website and email have not been working.

I am an admin in her account, but not the super-admin so I can’t update billing to correct the issue. We are in a loop with support. They say she needs to reset her password to get in, but we can’t because they suspended her domain taking her MX records down. I asked her to send an email to [email protected] as well notating that she wouldn’t be able to receive anything back due to the MX records missing. She did (although SPF and DMARC are most likely failing due to the TXT records missing).

If someone can help get some eyes or assistance on this, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m not getting anywhere. Really, if they can re-enable the domain temporarily, she can self-reset her password, get in and renew the domain.

Actually, it looks like you did.

Can you have the account owner reply to the email on ticket 2528878? please do not open another duplicate ticket. If not, even though they cannot receive emails, have them send from the account owner email, cc whomever they like and lmk the new ticket number here. Let us know here if/when they respond to that email.


Hi Cloonan,

She said she emailed in (from the super-admin account notated in the ticket number that I listed) Tuesday night (8/16) to [email protected] (in addition to the emails that I have sent). Not sure if your spam settings are not accepting due to SPF/DKIM/DMARC failing since Cloudflare has removed the necessary TXT records that would align and pass these basic email security checks. Since she can’t receive email currently, she doesn’t get the auto-reply with a ticket number.

She wouldn’t be able to reply as she has not received any of the emails that I have CC’d her on from the support portal due to the MX records not existing currently (emails not being sent to her Office 365 tenant).

No, as I indicated that came from the email you are using here. We do not have any emails from the address that you indicated on ticket ending in 878.

I merged that ticket into 2531110 and please keep the communication in that ticket, duplicate tickets slow down the reply time. I’ll flag this conversation for my colleagues although I see there is already activity on 2531110.

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Thanks for flagging @cloonan I will raise it with @gloria to see what can we do here.

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