Unable to login to account / account disappeared!

I’m unable to login to one of my other Cloudflare accounts receiving the message “Email address/password do not match. (Code: 1022)”; the forgot password/email emails were not being received and when I tried to email Cloudflare support from that address (dns is still working, I sent test emails to myself that all worked), a request was created (#2350688) but then automatically closed by the bot with “your email address is not listed as the owner of any Cloudflare account”. My login details are in a password manager and haven’t been updated in a while and I was just logged into this account a few days ago. I called Cloudflare to see if they could re-open the ticket since I can’t create a request under the account since I can’t get in and was also advised to try opening a request through one of my other accounts (which I did: #2350710). The account in question was a free account, so I can’t even upgrade it to get support for it since I can’t get in… Since the domain name is also in the Cloudflare registrar of that account, I can’t just create a new account for the domain and the domain names don’t expire till 2023 so kinda stuck in limbo on those domains… This is quite concerning, since not only do I have other accounts at Cloudflare, but we have other enterprise accounts at work opened here at my recommendation…

I know all the info I had in the account, so can confirm any of it (including paypal transactions) and the old registrar was also one of my accounts, so I should be able to prove I was the one that owned the domains and transferred them in…

I’m not sure what else to do… suggestions?

FYI, Cloudflare support has reached out to me by email…

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The issue wasn’t CloudFlare; my friend (only other one with access to the accounts) had (mis-)changed the email then denied the issue was him. Last night a CloudFlare notification email came in from the account and a domain email catch-all I put in place notified me, now knowing what the email was I was able to restore access to the account.

I’m creating multiple logins/admins on all important accounts now (email, domain/Cloudflare, etc) to prevent the loss of a single login from causing such issues. I’m also ensuring to download all invoices (and welcome emails) from Cloudflare services as they are created to ensure I can provide proof of account if needed.

I appreciate that Cloudflare email support responded quickly to this despite being a free account; as usual, I will be upgrading the account to paid (for extra services and support) once the account’s associated service goes live.

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Maybe @cloonan or someone else that works for Cloudflare could help you!