Unable to login, retrieve or reset password

Hello, I’m trying to get this serious issue resolved and keep facing bounceback from the Cloudflare Bot on email. ([email protected]).

I have done all basic requests (forgotten password, forgotten email etc) - we are receiving nothing on the original main email account. I think there has been an error generated from account/profile settings when I tried to change the original email owner (super admin) a couple of weeks back (we received error code 1022 I think, from within the profile).

The original super admin was using the email account, prior to the profile change I was also using the CF credentials perfectly fine and logging into CF with no issues - nothing else had been changed. We revoked a couple of users’ access who had left, as a company we also wanted to swap the Super Admin. We are now in a position where we have not been able to access CF for well over a week, with no response.

We desperately need access to the account - we are paying you a monthly fee and currently cannot access it - please can a human, not a bot get into touch so we can please resolve this issue as a matter of urgency?

We have control over the domain in question so can perform any kind of verification needed.


Hi @craig.garrity,

What plan are you on?

Please make sure you are emailing from the address registered to the account and share the ticket number here so I can escalate it.

Hi @domjh, I think that this has been resolved. It seemed the email change we made on the 30th July has worked, it’s just that the notification link was buried in the old users’ email which was missed. We have now located and verified.

Please mark it as resolved, thanks for your quick response, and sorry for any confusion.

No problem, glad it’s resolved!

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