Unable to login on cloudflare dashboard

Hi All,

Unable to login into the Cloudflare Dashboard, as I am not getting the “Authentication Token” on my registered Email ID.

Kindly suggest any workaround for the same.

Many Thanks
Ganesh {redacted}

Hi @ganeshs,

Can you check that you can receive other mail to that address and that it hasn’t just gone into your spam?

If you are still not getting it, please email [email protected] from the email address on the account you cannot login to. You will get an autoresponse with a ticket number, please share that here.

I can then escalate your ticket to the support team, but note that you may not receive a reply until after the weekend if you are on a free plan.

Thanks for the reponse @domjh .
I have checked my Spam folder as well, but the results are negative.
I am getting other emails from cloudflare like for Community Posts, etc.

Have raised the concern to the support team at: [email protected]

What’s the ticket number you received back?

The ticket number is: #2219742

Thanks, I’ll add that to the escalation queue.

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I am getting the Access Tokens for my older attempts now, but upon trying them I am getting the Token Expiry error, which is understandable.

Seems like the service which is responsible for sending the Authentication Token is partially impacted hence it taking time to send the tokens.

That may be the case, but I can’t confirm it right now. I am getting account emails as normal. Could it be that they’re delayed arriving into your account somehow? We have seen issues like this with some email providers (ionos has had this, for eaxmple).

It’s working now!
Thanks for the prompt response and support @domjh

Reason for the issue is still not clear to us.
Anyway I am marking the above mentioned explaination as solution.

Thanks again.

Ganesh Sharma

No problem, glad it’s working for you now.

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