Unable to login my cloudflare account

I’m unable to log in my other original account , when I try to log in it prompts me 2fa code and I have Google authenticator so when I provide that code again it throws an error like
“Invalid authentication token entered! Please use the token provided by your authentication app on your phone. (Code: 1017)”

I have removed the cache of that app and also try to reinstall that app, sync time, but again It gave me the same error, also i have backup codes then i tried to recover but it showed this

" Recovery request submitted!

Success! You will receive an access code in 3-5 days at your email address.

This waiting period is to ensure the security of your account. Submitting additional requests will not shorten it."

now it has been 3 days but i can not able to log in .

Can you create an Account ticket using the account you are using here and share your ticket number on this thread? On the ticket, mention the email of the account/email where you cannot login. Reply to the ticket via email and cc the other email address and add any details you’d like to the ticket.

You can open an Account ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support