Unable to login due two-factor authentication

I have tried to login to my account but Cloudflare asks me two-factor authentication. I don’t have this because I never activated such a thing.

Option like “Recovering your account” fail on Step 2. Verify a device that you have logged in from previously.

How can I get back my account.

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MFA is something that has to be enabled optionally - so you’re saying that you don’t have MFA codes or a device that you’ve logged in with before?

Have a look at the “Recover your account” section at the bottom of https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200167906-Securing-user-access-with-two-factor-authentication-2FA-#12345683


Yes… I use two-factor authentication with other 3 websites, but never i activated this option with you.


Just to clarify, are you using an external identity provider or is your account local, and solely associated with Cloudflare?

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Hi @user15961 I noticed your ticket 2431186 with Customer Support, added myself to it to track progress, and reopened. Let @jso know wrt identity provider here or on the ticket.

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