Unable to log into Zendesk

I am attempting to login to Zendesk to submit a ticket. (Google Chrome on macOS Catalina) When I login I’m taken to the dash login URL. I enter my credentials and I’m taken back to the support page.

I’ve confirmed that ublock origin has all of Cloudflare and it’s subdomains whitelisted and is exempt from filtering. My only other browser extension is 1Password (a password manager).

Eventually all of the logins trigger captchas or error 429 and the end result is me being unable to login to Zendesk. The community support forum works fine for now.

Ticket submitted by email with ID 1810657

Hi @lunorian,

Can you try in incognito, if you haven’t already and see if it works?

It seems to be working for me, but people do occasionally seem to report issues like this…

Unfortunately the endless loop occurs there as well :frowning: That’s with no extensions enabled since Chrome doesn’t allow adblockers by default in incognito (I use tor browser for anything “private” anyways).

You may want to drop that into a support ticket as well if you haven’t already, if you can get a screen recording, support may appreciate that as well.

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I’ve submitted my two tickets by email for now although I prefer logging into Zendesk to deal with questions that come up.

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Great, yes - I usually log in to Zendesk rather than emailing. Hopefully they will get back to you soon.

Can you share the ticket number of the login issue here as well?

CC @cloonan

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It’s 1810657 - Endless loop logging into Zendesk. The Cloudflare Bot is extra annoying given I cannot login to the support panel to resolve the issue :frowning:


If you get an autoresponse, just reply and let them know that it doesn’t solve your issue.

I always like being able to login so I can see the status of the ticket, hopefully will be resolved soon.


I’ve added myself to the ticket, if you clear cache, does the issue still happen @lunorian? Sorry for the troubles.

Yes, I’ve tried in Chrome and Firefox and in incognito mode.

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