Unable to log into Help Center


I’ve sent two customer support request on support.cloudflare.com, but never heard anything back via email. I tried to log into support.cloudflare.com, but I just get redirected to the CF Dashboard itself, or back to a new login page. I’ve tried various browsers and incognito session.

How can I log into the Help Center?


Hi @till,

Have you changed the email address on your Cloudflare account? That’s often the cause of not being able to log into the Help Center if the systems end up out of sync.

As for the tickets, what plan are you on? Did you receive an autoresponse, at least?

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I’ve got several dozen domains, some free some on the Pro plan. I don’t get autoresponses, but I do get invoices monthly.

I changed my email a long time ago. Looking at the Network tab, I see:


My CF account email is something else, not [email protected].

How can I fix this?

Ah, that’s really useful. Usually that means you emailed the support address before you had a Cloudflare account on that address. That means the Help Center will have aready assigned that email. Now when you try to login, it doesn’t link the two.

There’s not a lot you can do, but I will escalate this for a member of the support team to look at and hopefully fix.


Without getting spammed:

  • My account emails is: redacted
  • The support email seems to have been: redacted

Thank you, I’ll grab those details and put them in a private escalation topic only visible to MVPs and Staff so you can edit your post and remove them from public view if you want.


Hi @till

I am with the Cloudflare support team. I see you have opened a ticket with us regarding the issues logging into the help center. For your security and privacy, we are going to handle the troubleshooting via the ticket. You should see a response from an engineer shortly.


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