Unable to Log into Cloudflare


I set an account up on cloudflare and am not able
to login…

I’m being asked for the domain names and, when
I enter any of the domains on the account, I get
a message that there is no such domain on the

I check the domains in my domain registrar and
they are indeed set to my cloudflare dns

I’m not able to change my password either.

Any suggestions?


Discourse and Cloudflare

HI, Can you explain more about the problem you are having? The email address you are currently using and logged into the Community forums with has a number of domains associated with it. Where are you being asked for the domain names and receiving the error?


Sorry to highjack the tread. Do I need to make a number of posts before I can post a new topic. ?


@gabby404 check out this thread which explains Cloudflare’s setup regarding new members and creating new topics:



I can post new topics now.