Unable to log into Cloudflare dashboard

I have a critical problem that’s been ongoing for several weeks and is causing enormous headaches.

Something has gone amiss with my MX settings (controlled by CF) and email messages from external servers are no longer reaching my email accounts.

Unfortunately, whenever I try to log into the CF dashboard, I now get the “your IP address has changed” security message telling me to enter a security token emailed to my account. Unfortunately, because of the problem above, that email is never received.

As a result, I now find myself unable to receive emails and unable to access my CF dashboard to investigate the problem. All emails to CF Support have so far been unsuccessful (they keep sending me generic information about what to do when I’m logged into CF).

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi @alphahistorycom when you emailed support AT cloudflare DOT com you received a reply, did it indicate a ticket number?

It is best to email Support from the account you want to access and cc the account address you are using here.

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