Unable to locate login email

I’m trying to log in to our organizations Cloudflare account but unfortunately not one of my colleagues knows the login details to the account, and the technician who set it up initially is no longer with us.

We have no way to find out which email/ password is linked to our Cloudflare account.

Most frustrating is the fact that we can’t reach a human at Cloudflare without first logging in, which we can’t do. So I had to make a new personal account just to be able to post this question…

Can anyone help?

Hi @user16186,

You can use this tool, enter the domain and you will receive an email to the registered address.


Hopefully the account was setup on a corporate email and you can check the mail logs to find where it went, then do a password reset on that email.

Unfortunately if you can’t find the email, you will be unable to recover access to the account and would have to move the domain to a new account that you control, assuming you have access to the domain registrar. If you don’t have that account either then the first step will be to find the domain registration details.


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