Unable to locate event by Ray id

I have a customer unable to connect to my site and they have given me a Ray id for the Cloudflare block

I expected to be able to locate that in the event log, check out what triggered the block and advise the customer accordingly but I cannot locate a Search option on the activity log.
Logging in and using the Firewall > Overview screen I see a list of recent events at the bottom of the page but there is no longer any option to search or locate that I can see. The only options I have on the Activity log section is ‘Edit Columns’
I’ve disabled all my various anti-scripts etc in the browser and tried two different browsers to no effect.

How do I locate the cause of that block please?

On the Firewall events page, choose “add filter” and adjust the first input to “Ray iD”, the second to “equals”, and the third to the Ray ID you are looking to find.

Thanks. That did it.

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