Unable to load site


I added my domain(anipins.moe) from porkbun and updated name-servers there. Name-server updates are shown as properly updated but still site doesn’t load in browser. Also on cloudflare dashboard it shows “Registrar: Unknown”

Can someone help please me on this?


You haven’t set up any DNS records. Usually these are automatically imported when you add a domain, but you might have skipped that step.

You now need to add them manually.

Thanks so much for replying.
There are a lot of dns records, can I remove site from cloudflare and re-add it? Would that be fine?

Yes, that you could try. But you’d first need to point your domain back to your original nameservers.

Also I this in DNS tab

I can see name-servers here, are they not imported?

These are imported, but they won’t be the correct records. They are simply default records from your registrar.

Oh okay, thanks.
I’ll try re-adding.

But your site should be working fine before you add it to Cloudflare. Did it?

Yes, it was working fine

On HTTPS too?


Would you want to post the original nameservers you had?


I only get a parked message there. Is that what you want?

Yeah default, with cloudflare site don’t even load.

Because the records are missing for your naked domain and for www.

You can probably remove all the other records and create records for your naked domain and www and point them to

Also make sure your encryption mode on Cloudflare is Full Strict.


It’s working now, thanks a lot : )

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