Unable to load rocket-loader.min.js while in Cross-Origin Isolated


I have a need to set my site into the Cross-Origin Isolated state. I have achieved this my sending a appropriate headers via my Nginx reverse proxy configuration:

cross-origin-opener-policy: same-origin
cross-origin-embedder-policy: require-corp

It worked well however, now I’m having issues to load ClouldFlare rocket-loader.min.js which renders the website largely unusable:

Issues tab:

As suggested, my next step was to add appropriate headers and unless I’m missing something that should be:

cross-origin-resource-policy: cross-origin

Headers when using: curl -I example.com

I have tried to configure the Nginx server with the above header, but no matter what technique I use I’m still unable to load the ClouldFlare rocket-loader.min.js and always get the same error stating the my cross-origin-resource-policy is not enabled.

Clearly, I’m missing something. Can somebody provide me with some hints on how to solve this issue.

thank you

Cloudflare needs to set that particular header on their end.

Thank you for your response. Is this something I can do via Cloudflare admin back-end or need to contact support?

No, Cloudflare would have to add it on the origins serving the JS so you would need to contact support.

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