Unable to load DNS records from domain in NAME.COM

I try add new domain to Cloudflare.com but query dns records not return data

my register is name.com

can someone help me to fix this

Whats the domain?

is -> [declaracaodoimpostoderenda.com]
my another domain declaracaodoimpostoderenda.com.br load very well

both are in same server OVH

I could reproduce it, however your naked domain as well as the www record generally do resolve. I’d assume it is a temporary glitch. Simply set it up manually :slight_smile:

nope, I tried many times in 2 and 3 months before with others domains and result is the same problem

If you cant set it up manually you will need to open a support ticket.

A lot? How many domains do you set up a day? That should not take more than ten minutes.

Sure, the response time will be longer but you can contact them.


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