Unable to link my webpage to a voting site

Hi guys, quick question;

Trying to add my gaming website to a voting top 100 page, and upon adding my URL into the vote site it gives a message saying;
“* We don’t allow domain URLs which redirect to another website, Contact us if there’s a problem.”

^ I have tried to contact them, but no response for the last 2 weeks. I’m wondering if theres something I can do in my CloudFlare settings?

URL is www.oceanicconquer.com

Note; I know other pages on this site are also using cloudflare, and yet their site is on the list? Any help is greatly appreciated as I am new to this! Thanks

Maybe try using https:// when submitting?

Hey Judge, on the certain website it says "website URL must begin with http://

Only other thing I could recommend is using www., but if it detects a http->https redirect as redirecting to another website that submission site is bugged and all you could do is let the owner know.

Thanks mate, I have tried everything and can’t seem to get it to work / or hear back from the owner… Love it. Thanks for your assistance anyway

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