Unable to invite new user

Hi all,

I am unable to add my IT Service Provider who manages our email, domains and other DNS settings etc. They are already a Cloudflare user and partner and when I try to add them with their email address and I get this error: “Error when processing member: user is participating in an incompatible authorization system(Code: 1005)”

I am hoping someone can assist as this is impacting the setup of our new emails with Microsoft 365 that my IT Service Provider is trying to set up now for us, as this is also impacting business operations which is why I am asking for some help I tried opening tickets but as on free plan they keep auto resolving.

My IT Service Provider has had this issue in the past for another customer and has advised that all new Cloudflare accounts that get created and then are added have the same error and end up having to contact Cloudflare to resolve this issue.

I am hoping you can assist with a fast and speedy resolution so we can get up and running with email again as at this time we can not reply to customers or enquiries that are been sent.


This post addresses the error: