Unable to install mod_cloudflare

I am with Bluehost, I was on Shared plan and I was connecting to cloudflare perfectly.
after I have upgraded to VPS plan the connection gone.
I have tried via bluehost dashboard -> cloudflare to control the services am getting this
“Unable to install mod_cloudflare”
I have communicated with Bluehost support team, they have asked me to reach you
to help enable cloudflare and manage DNS.
after that I have tried to logon on Cloudflare dashboard control this but I cannot find anything regard this.

This sounds like a DNS issue, and not mod_cloudflare.

If you’ve moved to a VPS, then you have a new IP address for your web server. Find out from Bluehost what that new IP address and update your DNS “A” records here.

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Thank for fast reply
I cannot modify it, it showed below message
###Partner hosted zone

Your DNS zone file is hosted by Bluehost , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

Bluehost usually does better than this. That was bad advice on their part. You may need to bug Bluehost or find a way to disconnect Cloudflare from your Bluehost setup so you can control your own DNS records here at Cloudflare.

I need get back to them
but they ask me to ask you about the cloudflare nameserver required so they can update on their side

You haven’t posted your domain so I can’t double-check, but I bet your DNS page isn’t going to list name servers because it’s using Bluehost.

You need to disconnect from Bluehost DNS in order to get Cloudflare name servers for that domain.

But I bet it would be the same pair you would have for any other domain on your Cloudflare account. If you don’t have another domain in your Cloudflare account, add another. It doesn’t even have to be yours (don’t worry…it won’t break anything). Cloudflare will scan DNS, then tell you which two name servers to use. And those will probably be the ones you’ll get for your current domain.

the thing am not so much technical So lost here.
my site is

It looks like Bluehost is your registrar as well. Ask them to disconnect your site from Cloudflare. Then you’ll go back to a regular Bluehost setup, and that’s a good place to start.

Once they disconnect your site from Cloudflare, you should have DNS control here, including new name servers. Post back once Bluehost disconnects your site from Cloudflare.

Thanks, based on your suggestion,
I have take control of my site on cloudflare it got it fixed.
now its linked.
seems there is integration issue between Bluehost and cloudflare…
Thanks you very much for your help and fast response.

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Sorry to bring this up. but I have updated the DNS everything is working fine except email.
since I have linked the DNS with clouldflare I cannot connect to mail.
I have to login to webmail to see the mails.
based on Bluehost they I should update MX record to them.
I did. but still showing not going to that IP its going to different one xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where
the one I have updated in MX record is different.
my site is

Chances are that the hostname you’re trying to connect to for mail is set to :orange:. It should be set to :grey:.

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Yes !!
its worked
thank you very much… takes me 3 days … I should get in touch with you earlier … I have wasted my time with bluehost.


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