Unable to HIT cloudflare cache with website running on AWS AMplify


I recently moving my website app to AWS Amplify which run a Cloudfront on top, so I have configured my CNAME to point the Cloudfront node. Since that I have noticed that no request hit the Cloudflare cache anymore. Looking at the header “cf-cache-status”, the requests now have the value “EXPIRED”, even after reloading the same resource, the value does not change. I know this is related to AWS Cloudfront as it was working fine before moving the AWS. I’m just wondering if someone has already addressed this issue :blush:

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Any page rules set up?
What’s does the Cloudfront part of the response header say?
What’s the domain?

Btw i doubt that using a CDN behind a CDN will improve the performance.


I did not set any page rules, everything is set by default. Here is the response headers I get:

The domain is https://app.bizyness.fr/#/login

I did not mean to improve performance, I don’t have any other option other than pointing to a Cloudfront node as it’s required by AWS Amplify :frowning:

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