Unable to get tunnel working

I’m attempting to get this up and working on Unraid.

logs says: ERR Request failed error="Unable to reach the origin service…

unnel: 128fb3d8…(redacted)
credentials-file: /etc/cloudflared/128fb3d8… (redacted)

NOTE: You should only have one ingress tag, so if you uncommen>

forward all traffic to Reverse Proxy w/ SSL


  • service: http s://10.10.111 .3:18443
    originServerName: mydomain"dot"ooo
    noTLSVerify: ture

protocol: http2

#forward all traffic to Reverse Proxy w/ SSL and no TLS Verify

- service: htt ps://10.10. 111.3:18443


noTLSVerify: true

forward all traffic to reverse proxy over http


- service: htt p://REVERSEPROXYIP:PORT

In Cloudflare it says its connected

subomain: “cloud”
domain: “mydomain"dot"ooo”
path: blank
service: “HTTPS”
://: “10.10.11 1.3 :8080” (container IP nextcloud is running on)

Notes: I’m using NginxProyManager for SSL

There seems to be multiple “config.yaml” files but I posted the one identified in the above file.

When I go to the address my website, I get error 502 bad gateway where host is red.

I did some searching around online and tried various things but nothing is working.

I assume your tunnel config looks something like

tunnel: <tunnel id>
credentials-file: /etc/cloudflared/<tunnel id>

    originServerName: example.com
    noTLSVerify: ture

But you also have: :8080.

A 502 error means that cloudflared is unable to connect to your origin server and based on

it seems that you have pointed cloudflared to the wrong port. You should make sure that the config you are using is pointing to the right port.

changed config file from service: https :// → service: https :// issue not resolved.

I restarted docker after the change and now the files I created in /etc/cloudflared are gone. Is this the wrong location they should be?

The logs still say the same thing though . Here’s the rest of the log error:

ERR Request failed error=“Unable to reach the origin service. The service may be down or it may not be responding to traffic from cloudflared: read tcp 172. 17.0.7:51922-> read: connection reset by peer” connIndex=0 dest=htt ps://cloud.mydomain.ooo/ type=http

From the machine docker is running on, can you make a curl request to

You should look into Remote Managed Tunnels they are so much nicer than dealing with a config.

Would it be easier to run remote manager in a vm? I don’t know the command translations for Unraid.

Yeah, remote managed tunnels are easier to run and configure. When you set up a tunnel, it gives you the command to run on multiple different system to install the connector.

I have tried this but it seems Cloudflare says it’s green and connected but the errors above are happening. If i launch the console, it panics and nearly crashes my server. It flashes repeatedly and says CLI runtime exec failed… then freezes and my server becomes unresponsive.

A quick google found this guide for using Cloudflare tunnel and Unraid. I would recommend reading through this.

I got it working for nextcloud but it wont work for PhotoPrism. If I set the public hostname service to http, it works but the connection is unsecure. Then if I manually put https in front of the address in the address bar, it still works and the connection is secure. If I change the public hostname service to https (same as nextcloud) I get a 503 error.