Unable to Get Transferred Domain to Resolve to New Site

I’m trying to get my recently transferred domain to point to my site published with Obsidian Publish

It worked briefly at first, when I deleted the old records from my old registrar (SiteGround) that transferred and I had added the single CNAME set for the root domain. But I couldn’t get it to work for the “www” subdomain.

I tried to set an A record for the “www” subdomain but wasn’t sure what IP Address I should enter.

Now, after testing some different records, I’m getting an Error 1014: “CNAME Cross-User Banned” on both https://savvyslog.com and https://www.savvyslog.com. If I delete the CNAME for “www” then I get a 1016 Error for it instead.

It also shows an alert next to the base domain CNAME saying “Another record shares the same name, so we’ve applied CNAME flattening.” I don’t have a second CloudFlare account (that I know of), so wasn’t sure if this was referring to the domain still being somehow active at my old registrar, so I deleted it there just in case.

I’m fairly tech-savvy but out of my depth here. I feel like there’s something(s) really simple I’m missing, so any help would be appreciated.

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