Unable to get to wp login

I am unable to get to my wordpress login to access my site. I contacted my hosting company and they inform me my site is now hosted by Cloudflare and that I need to contact Cloudflare for assistance. I have sent an email to [email protected] and am now posting here. I am new to Cloudflare and I am used to at least getting to chat with someone about any problems.

How do I determine what the problem is, so that I can fix it?

There could be loads of problems that can cause this. What error are you seeing? Are you actually using Cloudflare yourself (is you domain on Cloudflare and do you have an account to control it)?

Also, Cloudflare doesn’t host Wordpress, your hosting company hosts it, Cloudflare proxies requests to and from them.

OK, I do have a Cloudflare account, which is not showing much of anything.

I was able to briefly get a screen from Cloudflare that indicted there was an Error 524: a timeout occurred. I have been unable to get to this page again. The only error message I get going to the Wordpress login screen is a 403 Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/install.php on this server

When I contacted my hosting company, they said it was now hosted on Cloudflare. The fact that Cloudflare does not host Wordpress is news to me. I was actually surprised when the hosting company said that, as I did not think or expect Cloudflare to host my site.

I added Cloudflare back in April and this is the first problem I’ve had with it.

Thanks so much for your help.

Mary Lou {redacted}
Dickson Images - Environmentally Responsible Photography
www.dicksonimages.com //{redacted}

Quick note, before delving into the issue. You phone number appears in the message as the signature from e-mail, remove it if you don’t want to show it publicly.

Going into the issue…

This error is only issued by the origin, so the error comes from there. I am not an expert in Wordpress (maybe @sdayman knows a bit more), but as far as I can tell, given the error and the page it brings you to, it seems like the site wan’t completely installed or the domain wasn’t properly set-up on the server itself preventing you to access it via this domain.

Given the reply this hosting company gave they don’t seem very knowledgeable, but let’s try some steps before going back to them, just to remove the remote possibility Cloudflare is causing issues. This is even more remote given this line, as everything seemed to work before and I assume you didn’t change anything.

Now, would you mind trying either to set the www.dickinsonimages.com record to :grey: in the DNS tab of the dashboard or posting here the IP address you have there? The first is preferable, 10 to 15 minutes should enough for me to check a few things.

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A lot of hosts block access to wp-login during initial setup of a WordPress site to stop bad actors from beating you to it and misconfiguring your site. There’s usually something at their end to Whitelist your IP address, but if they’re not properly configured for Cloudflare, that’s not gong to work well because the site is proxied.

I suggest you go to Cloudflare’s Dashboard in the Overview section and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the lower right corner, and then wait five minutes for it to take effect.

Who’s your web host?

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First, yes I see my phone number, just having a bad day I guess. do you know of a way I can delete that?

Ok, this site has existed for years as a Wordpress site and I added the Cloudflare piece back in April, and it has all been working as far as I could see. I can not get to the Wordpress dashboard. I can log into my hosting site and the IP address there is Does this help you?

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You can click the edit icon at the bottom of the message and edit the message you posted. I see @cloonan did his moderator magic and fixed it for you :slight_smile: Thanks :wink:

Kinda, it’s most definitely the correct IP, it shows the same error (meaning the error is from the origin).

The only way to solve this is going to the hosting provider. Most likely it’s happening what @sdayman is mentioning, they saw different IPs during some sort of check and messed up the configuration.

Contact them, while the site is paused on Cloudflare or those two records are not proxied, so that they can see the issue is on their end. It won’t matter much to you given that the website is not working currently.

Suggestion: change hosting provider if at all possible.

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OK, first, thanks for removing my phone number!

Second, thanks to both you and @sdayman. I have found how to pause Cloudflare from the Cloudflare dashboard and will now contact my host, ipower to see if they can fix the problem.


OK, it looks like the Wordpress database queries were exceeded, which causes the website to be redirected to the installation screen. (according to my hosting company)

they reset the database and now I can log in


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