Unable to get "Redirect Rules" to work

I’m trying to create a redirect in the new Redirect Rules, but I am unable to make any of them work.
I have tried the basic examples in


Are there any obvious things that can be wrong if no rules work?

  • The domain is handled by Cloudflare and Proxy Status set to Proxied
  • In case it interferes, I have disabled the rules under Page Rules
  • It’s on Free plan for now, but there should be 20 redirect rules available

Could you please share a screenshot of the rule you created?

Thanks for responding, I actually need a geolocation redirect, but have made this very simple one to check if redirects work at all.

What is your domain?

It’s perhoj.no

When using your domain with a Cloudflare Partner (such as WPEngine in this case), you do not have control over the rules on your zone. The redirects will have to be created in WPEngine.


Wow, I was not aware of that. It’s not really communicated in the interface either.

Tested now, and found a menu in WPengine called “Web rules” that almost matched the settings in Cloudflare. I can do blocking on geolocation there, not redirect, but that will do for now.

Thanks for the hint! I might test to see if pointing Cloudflare to the “legacy network” in stead of the “advanced network” IP addresses on WPengine will enable the rules to work from Cloudflare.

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