Unable to get my domain verified by Microsoft

I have been struggling to verify my domain through Microsoft exchange so that I can run my business emails. not worked no contact support from the cloudflare. don’t know what should I do?

On cloud flare there are long annoying articles to read which are totally unrelated to my problem. is this the support Cloudflare. Come on wake up, someone is struck and by mistake has bought the domain from you guys.

What is the error exchange is reporting when you try to confirm? What is your domain?

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May I ask have you tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue?

After you submit a ticket, kindly reply back here with the ticket number. Thank you in advance

Moreover, have you used some tutorial how to verify/setup your domain with Microsoft Exchange?

Kindly, see below articles if it could help at least a bit:

Possibly related to this one here?:


We could not verify the DNS records added by your DNS hosting provider. Typically it takes seconds for these changes to take effect, but sometimes it can take up to a few hours for the DNS records created to propagate through the DNS system. Please try again later or verify the domain by adding the verification record yourself.

this is the error message showing on Microsoft account admin page

Have you re-checked and verify if the TXT or a CNAME record (I assume?) is publicly available and seen? Maybe it is needed some more time for a propagation, if so.

Also, you’ve setup the MX record(s) correctly?

May I ask have you tried some troubleshooting or contacting Microsoft Support about it?

I have followed all the above processes you have mentioned. Microsoft representative and my Technician have done all the processes but are still not verified.

Hi, remember, turn off Proxy on MX records, must be gray, thanks.

MX records can’t be :orange: Proxied. Only the hostnames they point to, if it’s within the same domain.

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is there someone in this company can actually see the matter and ractify. I have followed all the processes and advises. Please its not good do give useless advises which do not work. I don’t understand why is it too complicated. number 2 is number 2 simple. the values have been added as per the instruction and that should be the simple thing I should do and if the values are right and still it is not verifying then there must be a technical error which needs to be rectified by the technical team of the company

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