Unable to get email working correctly

Hi there

Firstly apologies for posting here. I’ve tried for a day to resolve the issue myself. Subquently I contacted my shared server website hoster, however they’ve just pointed me here.

If Cloudfare is disabled/paused all appears to be working, both my email client (thunderbird) and the contact form on the website. If I enable Cloudfare I am no longer able to check mail through thunderbird and the contact form times out. I have played around with the orange and grey clouds, however had had no luck where both the CDN (when testing through gtmextrix) and email work togther as designed. Please see a screenshot of the current settings.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to get this setup correctly?


Your mail CNAME points to a hostname that’s set to :orange:.

I suggest that you Delete that CNAME, and add it as an “A” record instead with the IP address of your server. And that “A” record should set to :grey:, just as you did for your CNAME.

Your MX record for example.co.uk points to example.com.uk. It should point to the ‘mail’ subdomain.

Thanks for the swift reply. Just confirm before i make the changes/edit, the CNAME you’re referring to is the mail one rather than the www?

When you say my MX record points to example.com.uk, i don’t see that. Can you clarify what my MX record needs to be? In CPANEL my MX record was automatically set to Name: example.co.uk. 14400 MX Priority: 0 Destination: example.co.uk

Thanks again in advance

I have made the changes in the way I understood what your wrote. Unfortunately still not working. Is this the setup you meant?

What error are you seeing? I’m able to connect to that mail server.

thunderbird is failing to connect to the server (even after removing the account and re-adding) plus WP Mail SMTP in wordpress is giving an error “Could not connect to the SMTP host” after updating the SMTP host to the updated sub-domain mail.example.co.uk

Are you saying all my DNS settings are correct? If so ill look at seeing if i can sort the application issues

Thanks again

It could be timing out. It takes about 15 seconds for the SMTP server to respond.

So thunderbird now working, on the fourth attempt or so it went through. WP SMTP would not work with SSL/465 but does seem to work with no encryption

Any thoughts on the reason for the timeout/delay when there was no problem with the original settings and no cloudfare?

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