Unable to get cPanel issued certificate for origin server while using cloudflare

My cPanel is not issuing SSL certificate for my origin server. when I contacted my hosting, they responded that their cPanel does not issue SSL unless domain point to the cPanel directly with Nameservers (not DNS).
I found some TXT records in Domain (DNS zone editor area) section. I added the same from Cloudflare thinking it should work. After all the records started working, I generated CSR but it did not work.
Is there any way by which cPanel could issue DV certificate for me?

I don’t want to use cloudflare issued (15 years valid) certificate because, when I use it, my email accounts does not work with Gmail.

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do when a host chooses to configure their cPanel in this way. The least they could do is to insist that the IP address matches, which is a no-brainer for an unproxied hostname such as ‘mail’.

It means there is nothing to do with these txt records i found in cPanel for the domain…?

Those TXT records are used for certificate issuance. But they’ve chosen to block SSL for domains not using their name servers, so it won’t work to copy those TXT records to Cloudflare’s name servers.

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