Unable to get CNAME to work

The CNAME is created, but with the little circle ! mark saying cnames records normally can not be created on the zone apex. We use CNAME flattening message. When I do a dns check it comes back as an A record.

Thoughts on how to correct this?

I think this message is very clear. You can create a CNAME for www.example.com, but not for example.com.
To help you out, Cloudflare automatically converts it into an A record.

Thank you for the reply. I was pretty sure thats what it meant. However I seen the comment to add the @ sign if for root. For instance if I wanted it to say domain. as the root for the CNAME. That comment would kind of indicate i could do this. “@domain.” to make it the root.

Is that not true?

If you create a CNAME for the apex domain (@, meaning example.com), it will be flattened, meaning it will be converted to A records.

Can you maybe explain why this causes problems for you?

We are a hosted site for a large EMR. They are asking us to change it from an A record to a CNAME. When we did it stayed of course an A record. They brought it back up and continued to say it should be changed.

However I know it stil works and resolves to their site. I may have to reach out to them and ask why and explain the issue.

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